We are Inet One, your Internet solutions provider (ISP). ONE, because we want to be the preferred ISP as well as major promoter of Internet technologies. ONE, because it is also the essence of the three founding principals of Inet One:

One world
We believe that the Internet is our best chance ever to achieve one united world; where boundaries of culture and nation are shattered; where people who may not meet each other can communicate to share their happiness and sorrow, and to exchange ideas and opinion; where there is truly one intelligent living creature - human.

New frontier
The Internet presents the world with an exciting new frontier yet to be conquered; enormous opportunities awaiting us to explore; challenges which will certainly enriches our knowledge and experience, and eventually our life.

Expertise and experience
To achieve one world and conquer the new frontier, we have formed a team full of expertise and experience. Our team consists of people with specialisation in diverse areas; we have net heads, computer hackers, system and database administrators, consultants in application areas such as unit trust and banking. In short, we have the right mix to explore and maximise the potential of Internet.