As an Internet solutions provider, we provide solutions for our clients who wish to enter Internet for whatever corporate aims. Specifically, we do:

Web consultancy, design and hosting. We are your one-stop solution provider on World Wide Web. We investigate your requirements, assess their viability and advise you the best way to go. We design Web sites and provide home to them, either on shared or dedicated servers.

Corporate email and communication infrastructure. Internet is by far the cheapest and yet most cost-effective channel for worldwide communication. We can help your company build the infrastructure without costing you a fortune. Costly leased line access and servers are not necessary; long distance and international phone calls and faxes will become a history.

Internet network infrastructure. Building a network connected to the worldwide Internet is much more than running a LAN. Not only do you need to worry about the underlying network equipment and interconnection, you will also be confronted with many unfamiliar things like DNS (domain name system), installation and maintenance of Internet servers, email configuration. Pass all this trouble to Inet One and you can concentrate on your core business.

Internet network and system security. Internet is an exciting place, but the risk of penetration into your corporate network and servers is always there. With so many vulnerabilities discovered and published everyday, the Internet has become a place not so friendly to businesses. We can help you to build your network and servers with the best security setup and keep abreast of the latest security development.